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Hiking on Striževo mountain

Following bunker trails

The trail encompasses a path built between 1942-1943. However, the history of the trail dates back to the time of the Illyrians (around 1000 BC). This is evidenced by numerous Illyrian tumuli, tombs, and fortresses that this trail follows.

The trail leads to 8 bunkers and passes by Illyrian tumuli while following ancient dry stone walls. It enters two hamlets, Striževo and Bristova Doca, both excellent examples of Mediterranean-style architecture. From all bunkers, there is a panoramic view of the sea and the Baćinska Lakes at the same time. The Baćinska Lakes, also known as Teuta’s Pearls, are named after the legendary Illyrian queen Teuta. The Strižev area is rich in plant and animal species.

This themed trail is a combination of a turbulent history and the power of nature. It presents man’s role on Earth. Discover the beauty and let positive thoughts guide you. Take care of yourself and the environment! In nature, leave nothing but footprints!
Time required to complete the entire trail: 3:30 h

Source: HPD Grabovica


Biokovo Mountain

Biokovo mountain is the largest mountain in Dalmatia and it ends just a few kilometers from Ploče. The highest southern peak of Biokovo massif is St. Ilija (773m). You can reach this peak following the trail that starts at Baćina Lakes. Even though it is not the highest of Biokovo peaks, the view from it is simply amazing. One hour of driving away from Ploče is where Biokovo Nature Park is situated. It is the place of remarkable biological diversity and beautiful nature. The highest peak of Dalmatia (St. Jure) is part of this nature park.