History of Ploče
from 1387 until today


From the Bay to the City

The first mention of Ploče was in the year of 1387 in a document of the historical archive in Dubrovnik. In that document, Ploče is mentioned not as a city but as a bay in which one Dubrovnik merchant supposed to take cattle shipment to sell it in Dubrovnik. During the Austro-Hungarian reign, the bay was considered to be a perfect place for a seaport and the first works on building it began at 1939. by the blueprints of Ukrainian engineer Boris Karakoz.

The real history of Ploče as a city begins after World War II. when lots of people came here to rebuild existing port and railway. Through history and political regimes, the name of the city was changed numerous times. Finally, the name was changed to Ploče again in 1990. The city and its suburbs developed continuously with the development of the port.

Today, Ploče is a small city which is different than any other city on the Croatian coast. With its unusual architecture from socialism times and beautiful natural landmarks, Ploče is a perfect place for vacation and exploration.